What is the most ridiculous answer to this question?

Answer what is the most ridiculous question to this answer?

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What is the most ridiculous song you've ever heard?

Big Balls - AC/DC hahah…

Most ridiculous comments you ever got?

1. "So you just eat fish, right?"2. "Have some stir-fry-- there's not much meat in it."3. "That means you can't eat nuts, either, doesn't it?"4. "I thought vegetarians were supposed to be thin.... Read More »

What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard yourself saying to your child?

"I am Mommy to you!"Like you, it was a moment of complete defiance. She would go against me and laugh the whole time. Then when I told her no, she planted her feet square on the ground, looked me i... Read More »

What is the most ridiculous thing you have cried over while pregnant?

Last time I cried was cause I had a REALLY big craving for something to eat, And there wasn't anything cause I hadn't done groceries.but that was my own fault lolSo I had to get over it.OH and the ... Read More »