What is the most ridiculous piece of advice you've been given when ttc?

Answer omg you're hilarious.yes the women that 'stop trying' but still know when they ovulate and have ewcm and dont use condoms. they are 'giving up'.. ha! yeah right.that bugs me.totally agree on the wh... Read More »

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What's the most ridiculous (unsolicited) baby advice you've received?

on newborns having their days and nights mixed up:"Here's what you do, hold him by his ankles and swing him upside down up over your head, that'll flip his clock around, worked for all my kids" (oh... Read More »

If you could give one piece of advice to other teenagers, what would it be?

Don't worry about tomorrow, because you might not make it there, and don't worry about what happened yesterday because it is never coming back...Basically, if all you do is worry, like me, you won'... Read More »

What is the one piece of advice you wish you had been told when pregnant!?

i wish someone had prepared me with witty comebacks to the same questions over and over again "when are you due? boy or girl? is this your first? how do you feel?" blah blah blah i get tired of it... Read More »

What's the best piece of computer-related advice you've ever been given and why?

back-up regularly - although personal computers are more reliable than they used to be, I still come across friends who have lost information through hardware/software mallware problems. I would r... Read More »