How do I put a rented movie on my iPod?

Answer ConnectUse your computer to connect to iTunes and the Internet. You will need both to put a movie on your iPod. Connect your iPod to your computer, and allow iTunes time to recognize and read it.M... Read More »

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How do you copy / burn a rented movie dvd?

Don't listen to all these nay-sayers, they're just computer illiterate (in terms of DVD Burning) or have been hypnotized by all the warnings.You can find a full DVD Burning Guide at the link below:... Read More »

How to Transfer a Rented iTunes Movie Library?

If you purchase and download movie rentals with the iTunes program on your computer, you can transfer the rented videos to an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. After you transfer the rental to anothe... Read More »

Does the home owners insurance cover the damages if you rented a power tool and damage either the rented tool or your house or a third party in your house?

Can a condo assoc allow only 1 condo to be rented and not allow any other to be rented?

The condo association has to adhere to the by-laws. If the by-laws agree to rentals, and condo can be rented. If there is no rental provision, then not even 1 condo can be rented. It's all-or-nothi... Read More »