What is the most reliable anti-virus software by far?

Answer The list of anti-virus proggie grow every day. New companies are getting into the internet security business, all claiming to be better than one another. I repair PCs for a living, and I deal wit... Read More »

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Free anti virus vs Paid anti virus software. Your choice?

In my opinion, free software available are enough for more users. But be careful. A lot of ads online regarding computer security are fake. They will install a spyware or virus on your computer. Mi... Read More »

What anti-virus software is better, AVG Anti-Virus Free or Norton Security?

Norton. Why? Free AVG includes no root kit protection. AVG is a resource hog. AVG has a low virus detection rate. Norton is everything AVG isn't.

Is Norton anti-virus reliable?

Any Norton prior to the 2007 Internet securtiy suite is suspect at best...2007 is supposedly made a remarkable turn around...however, i would turn off the anti-virus aspect and the like or even the... Read More »

Where can I download a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software for linux?

You do not need anti virus or anti spyware on Linux. Linux is more secure then Windows, it is permission based system, which means so long as you are not in what is called Root Permission, you ca... Read More »