What is the most recycled material in Mexico?

Answer The most recycled material in Mexico in 2009 was plastic. While electronics recycling is increasing, plastics still top the list as the most recycled item. The United States has also increased in t... Read More »

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Is Styrofoam an acceptable recycled material?

You can recycle Styrofoam insulation products at any polystyrene recycling facility, according to the Dow Chemical Co. The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers notes that recyclers use 50 percent o... Read More »

Amazing Recycled Material Projects?

Since the 1980s, the amount of municipal rubbish the United States recycles increased from about 9.6 percent to 32 percent in 2007, reports "The Economist." But you can do more than just throwing r... Read More »

Can Styrofoam packing material be recycled in California?

There are currently several facilities in California that recycle Styrofoam packing materials. These include Mannequin Madness, which takes Styrofoam packing peanuts at its location in Oakland. Fo... Read More »

What musical keyboard is made from recycled material?

There has not yet been a commercial piano keyboard made from recycled materials. As of 2010, no effort has been reported by any major keyboard manufacturer to produce a product made of recycled mat... Read More »