What would an endangered animal that goes extinct have as an impact on the economy?

Answer The extinction of animals can have a profound impact on the economy, considering scientists and engineers find more and more uses for animals and plants everyday.SignificanceAfter estimating in 201... Read More »

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How many endangered animal species are going extinct in australia?

Of the 427 species on Australia's list of endangered species, 36 are listed as being critically endangered. This means that of they are at the greatest risk of going extinct.References:EPBC Act Lis... Read More »

How many animal species became endangered or extinct because of cutting down the rainforests?

Rainforests contain more than half of the terrestrial species on the Earth, but these forests are being destroyed by human activity at the rate of approximately 100 acres or 2,000 trees per minute.... Read More »

Is the megalodon extinct?

Yes. The megalodon was a prehistoric shark that became extinct about 2 million years ago. Also known as "mega-tooth," it is the largest shark or meat-eating fish that has ever lived, growing to an ... Read More »

Will redheads ever become extinct?

I seriously doubt it as many redheads tend to marry other redheads.