What is the most recent motherboard chipset?

Answer Intel z77 chipset is the most recent motherboard chipset. It supports LGA 1155 socket. It is designed for 3rd generation processors called Ivy Bridge. It introduces many new features such as USB 3,... Read More »

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How to Identify What Intel Chipset Is on a Motherboard?

On occasion, you will need to know what type of Intel chipset is installed on your computer's motherboard. Perhaps you are having technical issues and are working with technical support on the tele... Read More »

What chipset does the ASUS M2NC51-AR motherboard use?

The ASUS M2NC51 motherboard uses an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE chipset. ASUS licensed the M2NC51 to Hewlett Packard, who refer to it as model HematiteXL-GL8E. The motherboard has an AM2 socket that acc... Read More »

Can you install a video card if your motherboard has an on-board graphics chipset?

You can upgrade the integrated video in your computer with a standalone video card as long as the motherboard has the appropriate expansion slot. When the motherboard detects that a video card has ... Read More »

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