Top 10 Realistic Car Games for the Xbox 360?

Answer There are many racing genre games, aka driving/car games, on Microsoft's Xbox 360. Some racing games incorporate what is known as a "free-roam" style of play, but because the games revolve around c... Read More »

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Does the Xbox game"The Sims 2"work on the Xbox 360?

The original Xbox game "Sims 2" will work on the Xbox 360, but both a hard drive and a software update are required in order to use the game on the system.References:Xbox: Backwards Compatibility List

How to Upload an Xbox Game to an Xbox 360 Console?

Uploading a game to your Xbox 360 consol is a good idea for several reasons. First, it allows you to keep playing the game even if the disk gets scratched or damaged. Second, loading the game onto ... Read More »

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