How do you find an individual service record for navy personnel that served in World War 2?

Answer There are two good places. First depending on what information you have, you can contact the military personnel records in St Louis. MO. Second, you can contact the National Archives website and th... Read More »

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How to Enter a World Record That Was Broken on the Video Game "Guinness World Records"?

Guinness World Records has been keeping track of record holders since 1951. In 2008, Guinness World Records released a Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition, dedicated solely to tracking all-time ... Read More »

Give me something really random (but passable) to try and find on ebay?

How about a real blue rose?Not sprayed, not dyed, but actually blue!And contrary to common belief, as of 2004, they do exist.Good luck! Let me know if you give up and i'll give you a link.

What is a good website where i can find little silly random thoughts like this?

i dont know, i just wanted this in my answered Q's queue so i could look at all the websites listed

Is it alright to use Wireless Internet Connections that you find in random places?

yes if they have no password. just to be polite you might want to ask the people providing them, but if you dont know who its absolutely fine.