What is the most random category you've found on Wikipedia?

Answer I hope you have a decent amount of time to waste:…enjoy!

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What is something interesting youve looked up on wikipedia?

I look up a lot of interesting things in Wikipedia every day. I spent much of today reading about the various categories of Calcium Channel Blockers. Yesterday, I read about the evidence that the... Read More »

Whats the coolest thing youve found on the sidewalk?

I found a wheelchair made of wood (like pieces of wood, not a wooden wheelchair that was professionally made) and metal parts from a real wheelchair, it was like movie creepy and near the woods dow... Read More »

Whole Wikipedia Category Map?

This should help:…I never downloaded it myself, but I assume the category dump doesn't come in tree form. To perform that parsing, you might find the Wiki... Read More »

How to create wikipedia in the correct category?

I have to know: is user:_____ Vincent van Gogh? That really *is* incorrect. You can't go round making an wikipedias for your intern under the names of famous artists. That's just not on, you know. ... Read More »