What is the most powerful F1 engine?

Answer The most powerful F1 engines emerged during the 1980s behind turbocharged technology developed by Renault. Officially, BMW lays claim to the most powerful engine with its M12/13, which recorded a p... Read More »

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What is the most powerful muscle car engine?

The most powerful muscle car engine is the 1965 Ford/Mercury 427 Cammer, with 616 horsepower, built to compete against Chrysler's Hemi but never put into production.Source:Muscle Car Club

How powerful is the most powerful pain killer?

Actually, morphine was used for sawing off the legs.Many soldiers became addicted so much so that morphine addiction was called "army's disease".Heroin was invented to get people off morphine and n... Read More »

What gun is the most powerful in the US army?

As far as small arms go, it would probably be the Barret M107. As far as everything which could be encompassed in the term "gun", your most likely candidate would be the 155mm howitzer, as the larg... Read More »

What was the most powerful gun of the old west?

Rifle, shotgun, or handgun? The 10 gauge shotgun at close range would be very high on the list, as would some of the buffalo rifle cartridges, such as the 45-110. The .45 Colt revolver was possibly... Read More »