What do you think is the most potent alcoholic drink?

Answer a mixed drink with three or more different liquors, like a long island iced tea.

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What energy drinks are potent, long lasting, and help focus and instead of making me hypermanic?

Five hour energy is my drink of choice but it's all down to personal preference. Energy drinks are a short term solution though and will make you crash quickly. If you want long term energy your be... Read More »

What happens if you drink Monster energy drink past its expiration date ?

It may not be as good as when you buy it....

Which energy drink has more energy, cocaine or bookoo?

Either can be potenially fatal.What makes energy drinks bad?12 spoons of sugar... that's bad 200 calories... bad Guarana... tisk tisk Good for a short jittery burst then a debilitating crash! All e... Read More »

If I drink a monster energy drink while on my period can I die?

Nope. Your menstrual period would not be affected by that or affect that in any way.