What is the best and most affective way to get large amounts of human feces out of underwear and jeans?

Answer Take them out back and thoroughly hose off the excess (ew), and then soak in a tub hot water with a goodly amount of laundry soap in it. Some bleach if you don't mind lightening their color signifi... Read More »

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What's the most comfortable underwear ?

What is the most popular birth day?

The most poular birthday would be either October 5 August 16 or August 4

What is the most popular us monument?

shudras (also named harijans)The shudras were the Fourth Caste. The Harijans treated as Untouchables were the so called panchamas or the Fifth Caste. Since they were outside the caste hierachy they... Read More »

What is the most popular candy bar?

The Snickers bar, manufactured by Mars, Inc., was the most popular candy bar as of 2010 with sales of over $2 billion annually. Previously, another Mars product, the Mars bar, was the most popular.... Read More »