What is the most popular type of pet turtle?

Answer There are several different kinds of turtles you can keep as pets, including box turtles, mud turtles and painted turtles. The turtles most commonly kept as pets are red-eared slider turtles, accor... Read More »

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How to Tell What Type of Turtle Eggs They Are?

Turtles take great care burying their eggs, sometimes digging false holes to throw predators off the scent. It is therefore an unexpected pleasure when you manage to find them in the sand, gravel a... Read More »

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What Type of Water Should I Use in the Tank of My Red Eared Slider Turtle?

Red-eared sliders are a type of semi-aquatic North American turtle. These animals have a distinctive red mark and a tendency to quickly slide off logs and rocks when startled, which gives them thei... Read More »

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Mozzarella CheddarParmesanDesi panneer (our country made)Cream cheese:)))