What is the most popular tree for the front yard?

Answer Probably Oak r Maple, but it depends on where you live. If you want a smaller tree, a cherry tree is nice (:

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My tree in my front yard is dropping more seeds than usual, does this mean my tree is dying?

Some trees are cyclical, where every few years they'll produce a massive amount of seeds, then regular amounts the other years. The baby trees are more likely to have some survive with this strateg... Read More »

What kind of tree should be planted in the front yard?

Planting a tree in your front yard creates shade, beauty and a certain elegance to the facade of your home and property. You want a tree that looks nice and is easy to maintain. It's important to k... Read More »

Where can I purchase a Bran Muffin tree for the front yard?

I've got them for sale here- only 13.95 plus S&H

What kind of small flowering tree should I plant in my front yard?

I would try a dogwood or a purple plum, both stay fairly small and have great spring color and smell. I would stay away from crab apples, more of a mess than the blooms are worth. You might even w... Read More »