What is the most popular tea in England?

Answer twinnings or earl grey...

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Most popular free house name in england?

Occasionally, he went to Studio 54 a few times when he was young.

What are popular tourist destinations in England for families?

AnswerTraditionally, the seaside. However, if you're coming from America you probably don't want that so much.London is a real must and has plenty of attractions for all age groups. You might also ... Read More »

What form of local government is most widely used in New England?

Townships are the most commonly used form of local government in New England. The townships have elected governing boards, levy taxes and are responsible for zoning. These townships are responsible... Read More »

What is the most popular car color ?

As of 2007, white is the most popular car color in North America. Approximately 19 percent of all cars manufactured each year are white.Source:Cars.comMost Popular