What is the most popular soda?

Answer D. Pepsi

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Diet soda that most tastes like regular soda?

Lots of Diet Dr. Peppers here, so I won't argue with that.Coke Zero tastes roughly like a cross between Diet Coke and Coke.

Me and my friend are opening a soda bar. regular soda is great but what would be good soda mixtures?

personally i know frutopia and sprite is good but fresca and sprite works too

What is the most caffeinated soda?

The most caffeinated sodas are Jolt Cola and Vault. Both contain 71 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce can. The same amount of Mountain Dew contains 55 milligrams of caffeine. The same amount of C... Read More »

What soda do you like most Coke or Pepsi?

pepsi is 'ight but i love coke cherry da best -thug life-