Is (insert extremely popular rock band) the WORST BAND EVER?

Answer Lol, I really agree with you.Can I choose a singer? Well, i'm going to..Lady Gaga. She is extremely talented and her music is so much fresher than most of the stuff that is in the charts, she is al... Read More »

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So, what metal band are you?

Iron Maiden"You`re Iron Maiden! You`re a legend in the music industry. Your legacy has lasted close to 25 years. You`re all about moderation...never too much of anything, but never too little. You`... Read More »

How to Start a Metal Band?

Have you ever wanted to start a band like your favorite band? Have you ever wanted to play enormous concerts in front of many crowds. Then this article will tell you the first steps to starting you... Read More »

How to Book a Metal Band?

Booking a metal band for a live show, whether you want to book your band to play somewhere or hire a metal band to perform at your event, takes some ingenuity and some know-how. Metal is alive and ... Read More »

How to Make a Metal Band?

Some of us in the growing up in the 90's and 2000's are growing up on a genre of music that is distinct and different from anything else. This genre is known as metal and is something to almost all... Read More »