What is the most popular kind of music in Spain?

Answer On One Hand: Flamenco Is Most PopularFlamenco is the most popular kind of music in Spain. It is Spain's national music. Its creation and roots lie in Gypsies of southern Spain. Flamenco is a kind o... Read More »

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What Styles of Music Are Popular in Spain?

Spain is a country with a love for art, nightlife and celebration, so it's not surprising that music is an essential part of its popular culture. Spain has many original genres of its own while sim... Read More »

What kind of music do they have in spain?

Spain's music reflects the country's diverse regional identities and long history. With more than 17 autonomous regions, the distinct regions have also retained their own cultures, languages and, e... Read More »

Most Popular Holidays Celebrated in Spain?

Spain is a lively, reverent country when it comes to public celebration. There is a separate holiday for each patron saint and in cities such as Madrid the Barcelona the festivals and holidays incl... Read More »

Are Facebook and Twitter the most popular social networking sites in Spain?