In what year did the Food Stamp Program in the United States begin?

Answer The Food Stamp Program began in 1939, to help distribute surplus food and alleviate hardship. The program ended in 1943, and then restarted in 1961 during the Kennedy administration. The Food Stam... Read More »

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What is the most common natural disaster in the United States?

The most common natural disaster to occur in the United States has been flooding. And because of its unpredictability, flooding is the No. 1 cause of deaths related to weather among Americans.Sourc... Read More »

What country has the most money invested in the United States?

Japan, as of 2009, has the most money invested in the United States. Japan holds $768.8 billion of American debt, surpassing mainland China. Japan and the United States are major trade partners.Sou... Read More »

What energy source is most abundant in the United States?

Several sources, including Jimmy Carter and the U.S. Geological Survey, call coal America's most abundant source of energy. It certainly surpasses other fossil fuels--the Department of Energy says ... Read More »

What is the most popular food in france?

France is considered the culinary capital of the world by many food experts. As such, you might think that truffles, champagne, or foie gras would rank as the most popular French foods. However, fr... Read More »