Most popular cell phone carrier?

Answer I'm pretty happy with my Cingular service. I've had Sprint PCS, they kept dropping the calls. I've had Verizon, TERRIBLE customer service!

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What Verizon cell phone is equivalent to iPhone3GS?

Go to Settings -> Go to Mail, Contacts, Calenders -> Under acounts click add account...Then enter you info and your good to go!

What Verizon phone is most like an iPhone?

On One Hand: Blackberry Storm 2.As of the end of 2009, the BlackBerry Storm 2 is Verizon's newest touchscreen BlackBerry. Like the iPhone, the Storm 2 runs on a 3G network and has a global capacity... Read More »

For cell phone---Verizon or At&t.?

Verizon has better widespread coverage in the USA, while AT&T is better internationally. They are both good carriers, you will probably be happy with either. They have similar pricing, also.

How to Run Two Phone Numbers on One Verizon Cell Phone?

Running two phone numbers on a Verizon cell phone is possible. Although Verizon doesn't offer this feature, there is a free third-party application that allows this capability. Although there is a ... Read More »