What was the board game Kramer and newman played on Seinfeld?

Answer risk

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Who is the man who played a POW in World War 2 on a sitcom then became a game show host?

Richard Dawson was in "Hogan's Heroes" then hosted "Family Feud" .

How to Create Your Own Board Game About World Domination?

Tired of Monopoly, Subbuteo and Risk? Why not make your own board game seeking world domination? Here is how.

Info please on Shenanigans- a tv show that used to air on Sundays It was done entirely indoors and contestants walked around a sort of live -action monopoly board as they played the game?

The program, after having done some research, was in fact sponsored by Milton Bradley who made the board-game version which was, of course hawked on the program ( this would probably be illegal tod... Read More »

Florida has played in a ESPN college gameday game the most times of any team how many times have they played in a game that was the gameday game?