What Are the Most Demanding Careers With a Psychology Degree?

Answer Most individuals with advanced degrees in psychology pursue careers as psychologists. For individuals not possessing doctoral degrees, other career options exist. Individuals with psychology degree... Read More »

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What is the most physically painful thing you have experienced?

Well I got into a quad accident and needed a spleenectomy, yah 3 painkillers and still the most painfull thing I have EVER experienced/

What was the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Having kids, naturally. I've had my toenail ripped off two or three times, smashed so hard it eventually popped off from the blood blister under it.I've had both shins broken in two places when I ... Read More »

Females: What races or ethnicities of men do you find the most physically attractive :]?

I'm greedy... I want them ALL! --- so as long as they fit my standards ;D

What are the 3 most serious health risks associated with physically inactive adolescents?

Higher death rateDepressionLoss of social independenceSarah