Is corpsman demanding job?

Answer Absolutely. To quote HMC Mark Wright: I am a navy corpsman. I possess the stamina and enthusiasm of youth and the wisdom and experience of an old man. I am 3 parts doctor, 1 part nurse, 2 parts m... Read More »

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What Am I Supposed To Do With My Demanding Daughter..?

Hey! I have a lil girl also she's 8yrs old..and let me tell you she acts totaly like a teenager already. She is also very sensitive like yours. Some things we gotta just watch how we say them to he... Read More »

How have you overcome such a demanding surgery?

Maybe not quite in the same magnitude, I've had open heart surgery twice as a child, including a valve replacement when I was 7. It also looks like I'll have to have more in the next few years.Hope... Read More »

What Are the Most Demanding Careers With a Psychology Degree?

Most individuals with advanced degrees in psychology pursue careers as psychologists. For individuals not possessing doctoral degrees, other career options exist. Individuals with psychology degree... Read More »

High Demanding Careers in Biology?

High demanding careers in biology can require an undergraduate or graduate degree. Some courses include microbiology and cell biology physics. Biology majors can work in science firms, independent ... Read More »