How painfull are lip piercings?

Answer Its like a 4/10. I mean compared to a lope piercing its slightly more painful but compared to a cartilage its not as bad. Its a 2 second pinch. Just don't look at the needle or when its being pierc... Read More »

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What was your most painfull experience?

An old mate of mine thought I was trying to steal his girlfriend so he punched me in the bollocks as hard as he could. He's a massive bastard as well. I passed out of the pain eventually.

Painfull feet?

The shoes I like best when my feet hurt are called Earth Shoes, you can buy them at your local Walmart, or maybe shoes that have the right arch length for your feet. I wear New Balance tennis shoe... Read More »

What is the most painfull but minor thing you can do to yourself?

The most painful household accident is standing on an upturned plug whilst wearing only socks or being barefoot.

How to get rid of painfull mouth ulcer's?

Hey! Here are some tips to get rid of mouth ulcers:*Sleep - sleeping gives your body time to repair any cuts/sores and often ulcers are caused by lack of sleep*Keep your mouth clean - brush twice a... Read More »