What was your most painfull experience?

Answer An old mate of mine thought I was trying to steal his girlfriend so he punched me in the bollocks as hard as he could. He's a massive bastard as well. I passed out of the pain eventually.

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What is the most painfull but minor thing you can do to yourself?

The most painful household accident is standing on an upturned plug whilst wearing only socks or being barefoot.

What is the most painfull thing you have ever stubbed your toe on?

My dog. The stub wasn't so bad, but the bite afterwards hurt like hell. It was dark, he's a black lab - how was I to know he was sleeping there?

What is the most painfull thing you think could happen or has happend to you is?

not me but a mate in the Navy after having a shower was sitting on the top bunk wearing just a towel. after a while he jumped down, but his nuts were caught between the springs.I still wince thinki... Read More »

Im getting braces soon what color should i get is it gonna be painfull?

I got my braces on on February 14th, it didn't hurt AT ALL! The "procedure" of getting them on is painless. The only pain there is happens AFTER a day of having them on. Your teeth get SUPER sore/t... Read More »