What is the most painful household injury you can think of?

Answer Dropping a ladder on your toehitting your thumb with a hammernailing your hand to the wall with a nailgunfalling off the roofelectrocuting yourself by switching on a light wirth wet hands

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Looking for advice on a 8 month painful ankle injury please help!?

It sounds like you damaged the Achilles' tendon near your ankle, which is causing the pain. You need to get an X-ray done to find out the exact nature of the injury.

What is the most painful experience you can go through?

tooth cavity - 7childbirth - 10being amputated - 5 (they'd probably give you an anaesthetic)being severely burnt - 10falling from a tall building - 7 (hitting the ground would be sore, but it'd be ... Read More »

What is the most painful joint replacement?

I would say that any joint of the body can reach a point when it can get very painful indeed. And this is usually just before a replacement is considered. It is difficult to appreciate how debilita... Read More »

What is officially the most painful ailment/condition?

They say Kidney stones are the nearest pain a man will find to Child birth. Lumber puncture i'm told very painfull??Worst pain i had was when i had no money back in 1987 and couldn't go to the pub!!