What is the most painful experience you can go through?

Answer tooth cavity - 7childbirth - 10being amputated - 5 (they'd probably give you an anaesthetic)being severely burnt - 10falling from a tall building - 7 (hitting the ground would be sore, but it'd be ... Read More »

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What's the most painful physical experience you ever had?

I had a party in my back yard and as it happens, the next day my trash would be collected. Every one left and I cleaned up. To get my trash down to the street I have 3 steps to go down to the cur... Read More »

What's the Most Painful Experience You've EVER Had?

Dental abscess caused by cyst on root of tooth.Worse than having a baby.Pain lasted longer and no delightful result.

What in your experience helps a baby sleep through the night?

A bath, a soothing activity before bedtime - reading or listening to music, a kiss goodnight, favourite toy, nightlights but otherwise dark, door slightly open, well ventilated

What is the most painful joint replacement?

I would say that any joint of the body can reach a point when it can get very painful indeed. And this is usually just before a replacement is considered. It is difficult to appreciate how debilita... Read More »