What is the most natural water brand to drink?

Answer Tap water.

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I drink a lot of soda, iknow the acid is bad for me, if i drink water. Will it flush out thr acids?

Soft drinks cause dehydration. Dehydration turns the body acidic. An acidic environment is conducive to developing health problems.Without water nothing lives. There is no substitute for water. Wat... Read More »

What brand of Soft Drink is The Best?

Look for ones that don't contain sweeteners which taste nasty and are bad for you. There is a brand called Feel Good which is just spring water and fruit juice, really nice. Schloer grape juice is... Read More »

Off brand energy drink?

Element Rain, Agave Cactus FlavoredSnapple was selling it but discontinued it three years agoXtc Energy Red cactus is still around

What brand of beer do you drink?

Guinness, Smithicks, Harp, and the one stable for home is The Brick Brewery Company: Waterloo Dark and I like the Amber from the same company. Niagara Brewery is excellent tho, but don't sell it i... Read More »