What is the most megapixels in a camera?

Answer This increases as new models are released.DSLRs are over 25MP.You really only need this many when printing over A2 photos.10MP is plenty for up to A3.Cheers

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Is there much difference between a camera with 5 megapixels and a camera with 7.1 mega pixels?

Some right info from others; others are giving misleading or wrong information.For example, the "42%" figure is completely misleading. In point of fact, you would need to double the number of mega... Read More »

Does more megapixels mean a better camera?

Megapixels taken by themselves is no indication of the quality of a camera. The camera's optics are as important, or perhaps more important than the number of megapixels your sensor has.And if over... Read More »

A camera is it better when it has more or less megapixels?

More megapixels means a higher quality photograph which allows for easier editing

How many megapixels do i need in a camera?

On One Hand: A 3-Megapixel Camera is SufficientA 3-megapixel camera, which is the minimum available, works well for taking photos and printing them in the standard 4-by-6 inch size and up to 11-by-... Read More »