What is the most watched sport on tv?

Answer Soccer, or football, is the most watched sport on television worldwide. The single most-watched sporting event in the world was the 2006 FIFA World Cup match between Italy and France, to which 715.... Read More »

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What competitive sport has the most injuries?

Basketball continues to be rated as the number one sport for injuries. A 2005 Consumer Product Safety Commission report concluded 409,799 injuries were reported in competitive basketball. Most bask... Read More »

What was the first sport invented in world history?

The earliest sports, according to History World: The History of Sports and Games, involved running, catching and throwing. The first recorded competitive sports, however, were found in paintings in... Read More »

What is the most watched sport on television in America?

According to CNN Money's Fortune magazine, pro football is the most-watched sport on television and NASCAR is a close second. Baseball is the oldest major American sport and soccer is the most popu... Read More »

Which cartoon character is the most loved?

Tough call, there are so many good choices...You can't go wrong with Mickey Mouse.My particular favourite is Wile E.Coyote.