What was the last thing you looked up on Wikipedia?

Answer Lesbian and Joan Jett

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How do i delete what i looked for on the internet?

But now you just told the whole world what you were up to!!! Hope your mom is not online reading this...does she like Yahoo answers??? Go to your search box and click the downward arrow.Click "clea... Read More »

How do get a photo onto what if your iphone when you looked it up on the internet?

Put your finger on the picture until the option to save it pops up.

Can all employees of verizon,google,etc see what I looked up on the internet?

"Can ALL employees of ....?" NO, absolutely NOT. "Or only specific people can see them?"

How do i erase the memory on my internet finders,so nobody can find out the info that i looked?

Internet Optionsthen click on delete history, files and cookies