What is the most listened to song?

Answer i'd have to say "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

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What's the most you've listened to a song in one day What was it?

One day school was closed, and I was bored, so I listened to "Two As One" by From First To Last like the whole day. It was a long day...

RHH:Have you ever listened to an ICP song?

yes and it isn't really that good but some of the juggalo music is, just not icp.BQ: yes the first time I smoked weed was with juggalos, I don't hang with them anymore.Edit: noticed your a warriors... Read More »

Have u ever listened to song speechless?

Yeah I'm in love with that song! It's my favourite at the moment :) and it's free and it doesn't give you any viruses at all!

Have you ever listened to one MJ song like repeatedly- nonstop?

I once watch the Dirty Diana video 27 times in a row and I WANTED MORE!Lol, I'm addicted to Mj and I love it!