What is the most likely cause of unexplained fevers in a child?

Answer It could be an indication of Liver infections, such as hepatitis Biliary cirrhosis Gallstones Anatomic abnormalities of the intestines or bile ducts present at birth (congenital) Inborn errors of ... Read More »

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If a 4 year old child has high fevers for 6 days and is already on antibiotics should he go to the hospital?

If there is no improvement in two to three days after starting an antibiotic the child should be reviewed by a doctor.

Fevers and headaches?

Headaches and fevers are usually due to lack of sleep, an unbalanced diet, loud noise, not drinking enough water or high temperatures. Do any of these sound like something that might relate you you... Read More »

What are the benefits of the sauna for fevers?

A sauna is a wooden room infused with dry heat. Temperatures can reach up to 185 degrees Farenheit in a sauna. They can usually be found at gyms, spas and hotels.What Is A SaunaA sauna is a room wh... Read More »

Do pituitary tumors cause fevers?

Fevers are rarely associated with pituitary tumors. Common symptoms of a non-functioning pituitary gland are vision loss, headache, hair loss, lower sex drive, changes in menstruation or lactation ... Read More »