What is the most liked status update on facebook?

Answer Who knows? Who cares? usually statuses with an insane amount of likes don't deserve them and people who are begging for likes and trying to be or look popular are really obnoxious, immature and ann... Read More »

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Whats your most liked facebook status 10 points?

"I'm not afraid to keep on living, I am unafraid to walk this world alone."My Chemical Romance, Famous Last Words."There's always darkness just before the dawn, so stay awake with me. Lets prove th... Read More »

Can people see what I liked on Facebook even if I didn't comment or liked a stautes?

Once, you like a page, this notification is highlighted on your profile. If someone see your profile, he will know that you liked a particular page no matter you liked the status or not.

How can i get the emotion icon on my status update on facebook?

It comes in both app and desktop. It automatically updated by Facebook

How do i add the new Facebook emoticon status update option?

there is nothing you can do to add it - facebook will give it to you when they are ready - not everyone has it yetbut maybe you do already have it and just dont realize how to use it yet... read th... Read More »