Has anyone received their tax refund today, 01/26/2012?

Answer When I go to WMR it says that they don't have info for me and do check back in a week. I taked to my tax lady yesterday and she said everything had been approved and accepted on 1/17. Why wouldn'... Read More »

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Is this A scam This is An E-Mail I received today?

Yes of course its a scam. Do not replyA list of Email hoaxes Fee Fraud…http://ww... Read More »

I received a bouquet of flowers today... BUT...?

lucky you, receiving a bouquet of flowers!and yes, you can do the sugar thing (not too much) or you can add seven-up or sprite to the water (it's the sugar in that that is good), or an aspirin ...a... Read More »

Is this question interesting?

Well Seinfeld was interesting & funny-and it was about nothing.


all nonsense, don't wear a bra to bed that's just unnecessary