Rock & Pop: What's the most interesting musical fact you know?

Answer Graham Nash discovered Elton John. And how did EJ re-pay him? By playing piano on Hollies records after Graham left the group. Prick!!!

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What is an interesting fact about a digital camera?

compared to a non-digital camera, interesting facts about digital cameras include,but is not limited to: >displaying images on a screen immediately after they are recorded>storing thousands of imag... Read More »

What's an interesting fact about your child(ren)?

Dominik - Can write his name, my name, and William.William - Has Super Powers, all in his hearing aid.Tobias - Can style my hair better than I can.Ryan - Idolises his older brothers. I smell troubl... Read More »

An Interesting Question Do you think it is right to keep the fact you are TTC a secret?

Hun, that's such a good question! In all my time on yahoo answers, I've never seen that one appear yet it's something I think about from time to time too. My husband and I are completely the same -... Read More »

Fun question! What is one thing you never learned that most people learn as a child?

I can't peel a vegetable without making half the vegetable disappear. I'm told I also tie my shoes improperly.i also can't ride a bike. i could ride one as a kid until i got into a major accident... Read More »