What is the most ignorant thing that a meat eater has said to you?

Answer Where is the meat in this veggie roll?

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Whats the most ignorant thing someone has said to you since being a mum?

Formula is poison. Spanking doesn't work for any child and it's abusive. You shouldn't breast feed in public. Vaccinations are bad for your child.If I was in your friends' shoes, I would have to... Read More »

Is a puffer fish a meat eater, a plant eater, or both?

Puffer fish, also commonly referred to as blowfish, are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and plants. Puffer fish have only four teeth, which are pretty powerful. They they like to eat things l... Read More »

What is the most embarassing thing your child has done or said?

The little tyke went up to our great granma at a family wedding, pulled at her flesh tone tights...and screamed mom...she is so old and crinkled her skin is coming off!

I'm looking for a restaurant in SF that is meat-eater and vegan friendly. Any suggestions?

Chinese in general would be a safe bet as they can do meat or not and vegan is not a problem either.My favorite all around place is Clement Street Bar & Grill on Clement at 8th Avenue. A menu with... Read More »