How to Make the Most out of Google Chrome With Apps?

Answer This shows how to make the most out of Google Chrome with apps. Note that this also works for Firefox too, for most of the apps.

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Does everyone in the world with a computer use Google to find most things?

New Facebook won't load with google chrome with Sony google tv. Anyone having this problem & how do you fix it?

All u have to do is zoom out n the screen will pop back up to the new facebook hold the right top zoom button then slide analog mouse down n thats it u back business....

What is the most amount of years you have gone with out throwing up?

I hardly ever throw up. Often times when I feel the need to do so, I will talk myself out of it. It's probably been at least 13 years for me. I puked one morning when I was first pregnant with m... Read More »

If a women with green eyes got pregnant by a man with blue eyes, what color would their kid most likely have?

It can go either way, but green is dominant over blue. Using genetics, the common answer would be a 75% chance green and 25% blue. But that 25% can happen.