What is the most fulfilling experience for a dentist?

Answer On One Hand: Tasks Unrelated to PatientsAn "Internet Journal of Dental Science" study among 98 dentists indicated that tasks unrelated to patients, like paperwork, was the aspect of their work wit... Read More »

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How can i experience to be a dentist for a day ?

Call a dentist in your area and ask if you could set up a time when you could come in and interview the dentist, as you are considering becoming one and wanted to ask some questions first. You will... Read More »

Could any one with experience help me please I went to a Dentist for cleaning and he said one of my molar?

okay, here's speaking from personal experience -- straight from the horse's mouth ;-))have had 2 root canals done - one for decay & one for fractured tooth. and one wisdom tooth that my dentist has... Read More »

How to Get Started Writing and Fulfilling Goals?

Are you one of the many that sets goals, only to let them slip by unattained? Well, this guide will help you start writing goals that start small and then can develop into larger ones.

How to Lead a Fulfilling Life Based on Words Ending in "Ty"?

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