What is the most fulfilling experience for a dentist?

Answer On One Hand: Tasks Unrelated to PatientsAn "Internet Journal of Dental Science" study among 98 dentists indicated that tasks unrelated to patients, like paperwork, was the aspect of their work wit... Read More »

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How can i experience to be a dentist for a day ?

Call a dentist in your area and ask if you could set up a time when you could come in and interview the dentist, as you are considering becoming one and wanted to ask some questions first. You will... Read More »

Could any one with experience help me please I went to a Dentist for cleaning and he said one of my molar?

okay, here's speaking from personal experience -- straight from the horse's mouth ;-))have had 2 root canals done - one for decay & one for fractured tooth. and one wisdom tooth that my dentist has... Read More »

What scares you most about the dentist?

What is the most painful experience you can go through?

tooth cavity - 7childbirth - 10being amputated - 5 (they'd probably give you an anaesthetic)being severely burnt - 10falling from a tall building - 7 (hitting the ground would be sore, but it'd be ... Read More »