What is the most expensive bottle of champagne and wine ever sold in the world?

Answer The most expensive bottle of wine was sold at an auction at Christies, London, in December 1985. The buyer paid £105,000 for a bottle of 1787 Chateau Lafitte claret that was engraved with the init... Read More »

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Whats the most absurd thing you've seen or heard of being sold on Ebay?

I have a little book listing things here are some of the highlights:Serial Killers Fingernails - $9.99 One BidHitlet Pin Cushion - No BidsDead Mouse in a Bottle - $4.20 two bidsNothing - $22.00 thr... Read More »

Whats the most expensive thing you've ever lost while drunk?

Well I did not actually loose this but I did get $35.00 stolen from me one time. I was drinking at my favorite biker bar and was wasted when it closed and just outside was two prostitutes wanting ... Read More »

What was the most valuable coin ever sold at auction?

In 2002, a 1933 Saint-Gaudens double eagle sold for $7,590,020. This made it the most valuable coin ever sold at auction. The coin's face value is $20, and only a few exist in the world. Ownership ... Read More »

What is the most expensive hi-fi/home cimema ever made.?

Here are a few examples of seriously high-end hi-fi products and their current retail prices:CD player - dCS 'Scarlatti' (£33,000)Record turntable - Rockport 'Sirius' Mk III (£50,000)Stereo pre-a... Read More »