What drink is tequila most often mixed with?

Answer The most popular drinks today that are made with tequila are margaritas and tequila sunrises. A tequila sunrise is simply tequila mixed with orange juice. The splash of grenadine is just thrown in... Read More »

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What mixed drink can both males and females comfortably drink at a party?

Always rum and coke or mixes like that! ;)

Why do chix always gotta order the most expensive drink What's wrong with Old Style?

See, but after three, you can start ordering the cheap sh*t, because she'll think she's buzzed which is why there's the differentiating tastes. Then, you convince her to do shots, and then...bleaug... Read More »

Expensive Mixed Drinks?

You've got more liquid assets than the Pacific Ocean, your hedge funds have their own hedge funds and your private yacht is a decommissioned aircraft carrier. So, obviously you're not drinking Pabs... Read More »

What alcoholic mixed drink has the least calories?

The calorie counter on igoogle has a Cosmopolitan as about 121 calories - not too bad!