What is the most expensive RC car?

Answer HPI Baja 5T with pro extreme strong and upgrade worth $10,000

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What is the most dense liquid?

Mercury is the densest liquid. It has a density of 13.5g per cubic centimeter. Mercury is dense because it is a metal similar to lead, but it turns into a liquid at room temperature. Mercury is so... Read More »

What is the most expensive cut of diamond?

The round brilliant cut is the most expensive cut since more of the diamond is lost. This cut includes 58 facets, with 33 facets on the crown (upper part) and 25 facets on the pavilion (bottom part... Read More »

What Are the Most Expensive Antiques?

As finely crafted pieces of furniture, jewelry and art age, their value increases. The value of these pieces varies depending on the condition of the piece; one small nick or flaw can lower the pri... Read More »

What is the most expensive camera?

nikon - - - - -Sinar (they make those old-fashioned bellows cameras) are far more expensive than anything else.