What is the most expensive item in scrap metal?

Answer When it comes to recycling scrap metal the items that bring the most money are made of copper. Two prime examples are copper piping from old plumbing or in broken air conditioners. Copper pays up t... Read More »

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How do I get scrap metal?

Look up scrap yards in your local phonebook and request prices for obtaining scrap metal.Browse your neighborhood or town for discarded metal items. Any discarded metal item can be considered scrap... Read More »

How do i sort scrap metal?

SortingSort the scrap metal you've accumulated according to the type of metal, such as aluminum, steel, lead, copper or brass. It's all recyclable.CleaningRemove as much odd type of metal, plastic... Read More »

How do I get rid of scrap metal in Kingston?

Find a LocationSelect one of three scrap metal recycling companies near Kingston, Massachusetts: Casoli Sand & Gravel in Hanson, Conways Scrap Metal Inc. in Whitman and Jeff's Removal and Recycling... Read More »

How to Cut Heavy Metal Scrap?

When cutting heavy scrap metals made of materials such as thick steel and iron, don't bother picking up your circular saw. Instead, you'll need a tool called a "plasma cutter" or "plasma torch." Yo... Read More »