Teens: What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

Answer oh god thats nothing! dont worry about that because everyone will have forgotten by next time my nan walked in on me fingering myself, i wanted to die after best friend walked ... Read More »

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What's the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while pregnant?

Oh, yeah. I can answer this one. Here we go ( cracking knuckles). I was pregnant with my son ( who is now almost three) and we had gone as a family to Tuacahn (this amazing outdoor ampitheater in ... Read More »

What's the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you - in a doctor's office?

Lol............any woman whos had a child could tell you it gets lots more embarassing than that, or for that matter any other answer youve gotten so far! You pretty much leave your dignity outsid... Read More »

TEEN: Most awkward/embarrassing moments ever happened school?

One time when I was in year 8 my friends and another group of girls were having arguments with each other. One of the girls got me involved and started shouting. When I get shouted at or get confro... Read More »

Most embarrassing thing ever! how can i get past it?

Oh my, that is painfully funny! The more embarrassed and grumpy that you become about this, the more that they're going to torment you about it. If you join in the joke and take a light-hearted loo... Read More »