What is the most efficient&best water conditioner?

Answer On One Hand: Aqua-Pure NFS100According to, the Aqua-Pure NFS100 iron reduction water softener is the best water conditioning system on the market. The NFS100 will soften wa... Read More »

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Is it safe to use filtered water (sink water) to clean a fish bowl but add water conditioner!?

Honestly I had a betta for over 3 years, and the only water I used was distilled.

What is the most cost effective air conditioner setting?

Any physicist will tell you that it is cheaper to leave it off, then turn it on when you get home. To make this completely obvious, let's make the example much more extreme - say you are gone for a... Read More »

What is sea monkey water conditioner made from?

Brine shrimp, sometimes referred to as sea monkeys, often require water conditioners intended for a single use. Not every sea monkey water conditioner comes from the exact same set of chemicals, b... Read More »

Water Softener System Vs. Water Conditioner?

Water conditioning is the catchall term for filtering, treating or softening water. When most people talk about water softening versus water conditioning, they speak to the softening of water usin... Read More »