What is the most efficient way to get a six-pack?

Answer The most efficient way to get a six pack is to combine healthy eating, hard intense cardio, and a hard intense ab workout. When it comes to eating you need to make sure that your splitting up your ... Read More »

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What is the most gas efficient car?

On One Hand: Toyota PriusThe most gas-efficient car currently available is the Toyota Prius. It is a hybrid (powered by a combination of gas and electricity) and consumes about 51 miles per gallon ... Read More »

What is the most efficient dryer?

On One Hand: Bosch Vision.The most efficient washer and dryer combination is the Bosch vision. The dryer uses and EcoSensor to determine heat temperatures and cycle length. It also has a button whi... Read More »

What is the most efficient substance for melting ice?

The most effective substances used to melt ice is rock salt. Rock salt can also lower the freezing point of water. Rock salt is known to melt ice in about five hours while the same quantity of tabl... Read More »

What car company is the most fuel efficient?

Using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Corporate Average Fuel Economy program - which estimates gas mileage for each car in an automaker's lineup and divides it by the number of models - ... Read More »