What is the most efficient insulated window covering?

Answer On One Hand: Regular Window Coverings and Blinds Work OKSome types of regular window coverings and blinds provide a basic level of insulation. Wood blinds and synthetic wicker window treatments ar... Read More »

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Are insulated log homes energy efficient?

On One Hand: Yes, They AreAccording to the National Bureau of Standards Tests, insulated log homes are more energy efficient than insulated wood frame houses. Their thermal mass, or total bulk, pro... Read More »

Where can you find an easily removable window covering for a high window that brings in a lot of sun during the day but which you want to have open in the evening?

Answer Your best bet is a "roll up blind" and it comes in the type such as venetien blinds and also bamboo. When you don't want the sun in just roll it down (long cord) tacked back against a corn... Read More »

What Kind of Covering Should You Get Over Bedroom Window Blinds?

Installing blinds to cover your bedroom windows is a smart way to control light and add privacy. While there is no rule that says you must layer another window treatment over your blinds, blinds on... Read More »

What is an energy-efficient window?

Energy-efficient windows are designed to decrease the amount of heat that escapes the house during the winter and keep temperatures stable during the summer.BenefitsBy installing energy-efficient w... Read More »