What is the most efficient energy source?

Answer The sun is the most efficient energy source we have available. While humans are still learning how best to convert solar energy into electricity, nothing on earth can rival the amount of energy tha... Read More »

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Why isn't sugar an efficient energy source?

Ethanol is a sugar-derived fuel that can be mixed with gasoline. Crops that are refined into ethanol include sugar cane, sugar beets and corn. Although sugar cane is the best source of ethanol, the... Read More »

Is an aerobic source of energy faster than an anaerobic source of energy?

For a fast, high-power contraction, muscle fibers employ a high-energy molecule known as creatine phoshate. This is an anaerobic source of energy that produces energy for cells more quickly than ae... Read More »

Which non-renewable source is the nation's second leading source of energy?

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, natural gas is the second leading source of energy, accounting for 24 percent of energy in 2008. In third is coal which accounts fo... Read More »

Which lighting source is the most efficient?

On One Hand: Outdoor LightsThe most efficient lighting source for outdoor use is a low pressure sodium lamp. These lights are typically found in road lights and create between 183 and 200 lumens pe... Read More »