What is the most effective tooth whitener?

Answer On One Hand: Trays and Strips WorkWhitening trays and strips, which use hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth, have both been proven effective. The better the fit of the tray or strip and the higher th... Read More »

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How to Use Brite Smile Tooth Whitener?

Most people want brighter, whiter teeth. Yet few people can afford the expensive tooth whitening procedures provided by their dentists. Consequently, many turn to home treatments which, up until th... Read More »

Is it bad to smoke while your wearing tooth whitener strips?

it's kinda like eating a chocolate cake while walking on the treadmill ,babe.

Tooth whitener-baking powder or soda?

You can, but the results may not be the same

What is the best teeth whitener you have used?

The best I've used was GoSmile from Sephora. It's the most convenient and effective, but I find that it's pricey if you need more than one case (I'm pretty sure each case is around $80 - $90).I've ... Read More »