What is the most efective way to suicide and painless?

Answer There is always tomorrow and tomorrow can always be so much different from the day before. Give life a chance. I have thought about this a lot in the past, but things got a lot better. I am glad... Read More »

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What is a more efective way of getting pregnant without your boyfriend knowing?

Try some sperm that doesn't come from his lazy a ss gonads. Then you wont have to tell him he's gonna be a daddy.Because it wont be his.

Is horny goat weed efective in treatment of ed?

100% Effective Homeopathic Treatment(s) for Erectional affections/Impotency(Without any side effects or Complications) :-Erections day and night; at night; incomplete during coition, though desire... Read More »

How efective is Erbitux for a methastasic bone cancer What can I expect?

Cetuximab (marketed under the name Erbitux) is used in metastatic colon cancer and is given concurrently with the chemotherapy drug irinotecan (Camptosar®), a form of chemotherapy that blocks the ... Read More »

How can I die what is the most painless way?

Don't know, I've never died before and neither has anyone else who answers.