What is the mountain range in the eastern United States?

Answer The Appalachians are a large mountain range in the eastern United States that stretches from Maine in the North to Alabama in the South. The geographical boundary had significance in early American... Read More »

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How did the United States first become involved in Middle Eastern affairs?

The United States first got involved in Middle Eastern affairs during a number of Post-World War II crises such as the Israeli-Arab Conflict, the Coup d'État of Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran, and the... Read More »

Who cut down the chestnut trees in the forests of the eastern United States?

When the United States was founded, one of every four or five trees in the eastern part of the country was a chestnut. Chestnut blight was brought into the New York area on imported Japanese chest... Read More »

Why did the United States get involved with Middle Eastern affairs?

When are the fall colors in peak in the eastern United States& Vermont?

The best time to visit New England and Vermont to see fall foliage is the last week of September through the second week of October. The busiest weekend in the area is around Columbus Day, but even... Read More »